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6 12 24 Core OPGW Fiber Cable Stranded Ground Composite Wire Small Diameter

Place of Origin ShenZhen,China
Brand Name ZXOFC
Certification CE FCC,ISO9001,ROSH
Model Number ZXOFC-OPGW-48B1.3
Minimum Order Quantity 5 kilometers
Packaging Details Plywood drum or Iron wooden drum or Fumigated wooden drum or Cardboard box (mainly for FTTH cable) Optional
Delivery Time 1-2 weeks according to the lengths
Payment Terms T/T, Western Union,Paypal
Supply Ability 1000KM per month
Product Details
Number Of Conductors ≥10 Outer Sheath Material Aluminium Cladding Steel
Customized Acceptable Print Text Acceptable
Package Iron Fumigated Wooden Drum Cable Length 2KM-2000KM
Fiber Count 2 Core-288 Core All Are Acceptable
High Light

gyxtw fiber optic cable


hybrid fiber optic cable

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Product Description

6 12 24 Core OPGW Fiber Cable Stranded Ground Composite Wire Small Diameter




Optical Fiber Composite Overhead Ground wire (OPGW) is a type of cable that is used in overhead power lines. Such cable combines the functions of grounding and communications.

An OPGW cable contains a tubular structure with one or more optical fibers in it, surrounded by layers of steel and aluminum wire.It is mainly used for communication lines of 110kV, 220kV, 500kV, 750kV and new overhead high-voltage transmission systems. It also can be used to replace the existing ground wire of the old overhead high-voltage transmission system.

The OPGW cable is run between the tops of high-voltage electricity pylons. The conductive part of the cable serves to bond adjacent towers to earth ground, and shields the high-voltage conductors from lightning strikes. Special structures can be customized according to user needs.


Constuction :


Several different styles of OPGW are made. In one type, between 8 and 48 glass optical fibers are placed in a plastic tube. The tube is inserted into a stainless steel, aluminum, or aluminum-coated steel tube, with some slack length of fiber allowed to prevent strain on the glass fibers. The buffer tubes are filled with grease to protect the fiber unit from water and to protect the steel tube from corrosion, the interstices of the cable are filled with grease. The tube is stranded into the cable with aluminum, aluminium alloy or steel strands, similar to an ACSR cable. The steel strands provide strength, and the aluminum strands provide electrical conductivity. For very large fiber counts, up to 144 fibers in one cable, multiple tubes are used.

In other types, an aluminum rod has several spiral grooves around the outside, in which fibers in buffer tubes are laid. The fiber unit is covered with a plastic or steel tape, and the whole surrounded with aluminum and steel strands.

Individual fibers may be in "loose buffer" tubes, where the inside diameter of the tube is greater than the fiber outside diameter, or may be "tight buffered" where the plastic buffer is coated directly on to the glass. Fibers for OPGW are single-mode type.




• Large cable diameter for designing larger fiber counts

• Stable structure and high reliability

• High tensile strength and short-circuit current capacity for optimum balance of mechanical and electrical performance

• Optimal stranded design can obtain secondary optical fiber excess length

• The number of stranded layers can be designed as two or three layers.

• The single wire can be a combination of aluminium clad steel wire or aluminium alloy wire and aluminium wire.

6 12 24 Core OPGW Fiber Cable Stranded Ground Composite Wire Small Diameter 0


  •  Stainless steel tubes filled with hydrophobic gel provide the protection and support of the optical fibres
  •  Good tensile performance
  •  Small diameter, light weight, low additional load to the tower
  •  Appropriate fibre excess length of optical unit easliy to make

Optical Fibre Characteristics




Polarization Mode Dispersion













Individual Fibre

Design Link Value (M=20, Q=0.01%)

G652D ≤0.35dB/km ≤0.21dB/km ≤0.20ps/ km ≤0.1ps/ km
G655 ≤0.22dB/km ≤0.20ps/ km ≤0.1ps/ km
50/125μm ≤3.0dB/km ≤1.0dB/km ≥600MHz.km ≥1200MHz.km
62.5/125μm ≤3.5dB/km ≤1.0dB/km ≥200MHz.km ≥600MHz.km

Constructions and Performance









Optical Fibre G652D/G655 etc. 2 - 48
Protection Tube Stainless steel tube 1.5 - 6mm
Stranded Line AS wire/AA wire/Al Rod 1.5 - 6mm
Max. Diameter 18mm
Max. Cross Section 200mm2






According to the standards as DL/T 832, IEC60794-4-10, IEEE1138
Max. Tensile Strength (RTS ) (kN) 280
Max. Crush Strength(N/100mm) 2200
Max. Short Current Capacity (40℃-200℃)(kA2s) 100
Min. Bending Radius (Dynamic) 20D
Min. Bending Radius (Static) 15D
Environment Performance Installation (℃) -10 to +50
Transportation and Operation (℃) -40 to +65

Note: D is cable diameter.

Specific Type and Technical Data


Technical Data

Product Type

Structure Type

Max. Fibre Count

Section of AS Wire



Cable Weight

Rate Tensile Strength





Short Time Current Capacity

(40-200℃ kA2.s)

1 OPGW-24B1.3-40-[51;9] 6/3.0/20AS, Optical Unit 1/3.0 24 ≈40 9.0 ≤304 ≥51 ≤2.10 ≥9
2 OPGW-24B1.3-50-[58;11.5] 6/3.2/20AS, Optical Unit 1/3.2 24 ≈50 9.6 ≤345 ≥58 ≤1.82 ≥11.5
3 OPGW-48B1.3-70-[77;24] 6/3.8/20AS, Optical Unit 1/3.8 48 ≈70 11.4 ≤475 ≥77 ≤1.30 ≥24
4 OPGW-48B1.3-70-[42;38] 6/3.8/40AS, Optical Unit 1/3.8 48 ≈70 11.4 ≤340 ≥42 ≤0.70 ≥38

Other optical fibre type and count, stranded wire are available om request.

Mechanical and Environmental Test Characteristics


Test Method






IEC 60794-1-2-E1

Load: according to cable structure

Sample length: no less than 10m, linked length no less than100m

Duration time: 1min


40%RTS no additional fibre strain(0.01%), no additional attenuation (0.03dB).

60%RTS fibre strain≤0.25%,additional attenuation≤0.05dB

(No additional attenuation after test).




IEC 60794-1-2-E3

Load: according to above table, three points Duration time: 10min


Additional attenuation at 1550nm ≤0.05dB/fibre; No damage to the elements



Water Penetration

IEC 60794-1-2-F5B

Time : 1 hour Sample length: 0.5m Water height: 1m



No water leakage.




Temperature Cycling

IEC 60794-1-2-F1

Sample length: No less than 500m Temperature range: -40℃ to +65℃

Cycles: 2

Temperature cycling test dwell time: 12h

The change in attenuation coefficient shall be less than 0.1dB/km at 1550nm.

Packaging and Drum

  •  Standard Cable Drum
  •  Standard reel length: 2/3km/reel, other length is also available

6 12 24 Core OPGW Fiber Cable Stranded Ground Composite Wire Small Diameter 16 12 24 Core OPGW Fiber Cable Stranded Ground Composite Wire Small Diameter 2



Packaging Details:


1-5KM per roll. Packed by wooden drum. Other packing available according to client`s Request.

Sheath mark:
The following printing(white hot foil indentation)is applied at 1meter intervals.

a. Supplier: ZXOFC or as customer required;

b. Standard Code(Product Type, Fiber Type,Fiber Count);

c. Year of manufacture: 14 years;

d. Length marking in meters.



Lead Time:
Quantity(KM) 1-300 ≥300
Est.Time(Days) 15 To be Negotiated!

The Packing standard and details as above is estimated and final size&weight shall be confirmed before shipment.


Aerial Duct armored 12 core GYTA Singlemode G652D Outdoor Fiber Optic Cable


The cables are packed in carton, coiled on Bakelite & wooden drum. During transportation, right tools should be used to avoid damaging the


package and to handle with ease. Cables should be protected from moisture, kept away from high temperature and fire sparks, protected from


over bending and crushing, protected from mechanical stress and damage.




1. Are you the real factory?

Yes,we are the real factory with 20 years’ history.

2. What is your fiber brand?

Fiber brands including :ZXOFC

3. What is your main products?

Outdoor fiber optic cables; indoor fiber optic cables;FTTH Drop cables; ADSS;

Indoor armored patch cords fiber cable; Optical patch cords SC/LC/FC/ST; MTP/MPO optical patch cord.

4. Product quality guarantee period?

25 years’ Guarantee for fiber optic cable

5. Do you have certificate for raw material?

We build long-term relationship cooperation with qualified ISO9001, ROHS raw material suppliers.

6. What is your delivery time?

Within 24 hours for 30KM normal kinds of fiber optic cable;

1 ~2 days for fiber optic patch cords with 10000 connectors.

7. MOQ: what is your minimum quantity?

MOQ for fiber optic cables: 1KM

There is no MOQ required for fiber optic patch cords,as there’s stock for normal kinds.

8. Do you have distributor in other country or domestic?

Until now, we sell our products to customers directly. And factory price could be offered.

9. Payment

For large orders: T/T by advanced deposit

For small orders: T/T,Western Union and Paypal are acceptable.

10. Shipping & Delivery

For large orders: by sea (LCL or FCL)

For small orders: by sea (LCL), by air or by courier services,any of which is optional.